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Curb_it Happy 40th for 2mo

Yes she is ha!


  • i think everyone knows love.
  • There's no good news out there is there at the moment
  • can someone sink this.

  • [cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite]There's no good news out there is there at the moment


    how is the new boy?
  • welcome to the club,pop into lib club 2morow and i will buy u a drink
  • Oh No Four Owe hopefully the game will be on & your big day will not be spoilt !
  • Happy Birthday dont look a day over 39, i will get you a pint next time i see you, and you as well Tav
  • Alright B , yeah he's as good as gold . The girls love to mother him !

    I got him a shirt with his name on the back , not sure he'll thank me for that in a few years ...

    Have a good one tomorrow , I'll buy you a 1/2 pint next time I see ya
  • Imagine if he tries to support palace when he grows up! Two older sisters too... poor love.
  • B you look younger each time i see you , on the other hand Tavern !!!!!!!!!!
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  • have a good one b 3 points on your 40th happy days
  • Tavern has never been the same since Sheff W away in the cup
  • Happy 40th B, you don't look it btw. Hope your day goes well.
  • good one B - u look more like 30 though eh, I am still 2 years behind you on Sunday though

  • Life begins at forty. Or so they told me 7 years ago.

    Have a good one.
  • All the best from someone else in their 40's.......

    A new virus has been reported where user keyboards replace the number 4 when typing 3. I have managed to avoid it so far but it seems the Lifers in this thread have become victims. So Happy 30th B :-)
  • [cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]All the best from someone born in the 40's.......
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    Life begins at 30, I understand is to do with Vestal Virgins from Rome who enjoyed great influence and power. Once they were 30 were considered to have 'served their time'...
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  • Happy Birthday B.
  • edited January 2009
    Happy Birthday young lady...let's hope The Lovely Red Boys make your day an even happier one!
  • happy birthday for tomorrow Curb_It! If the game's off I'm sure you'll be alright :-)
  • A very Happy Birthday to Curb_it, have a lovely day.
  • Quote from
    "It's a big year for 40th birthdays in Hollywood, with Aniston, Lopez, Blanchett, Zeta-Jones and Zellweger all hitting the big four-zero in 2009."

    I think they left somone off their list?
  • its your mate Dannys on sunday too chirpy isnt it.
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  • Happy Birthday.

    What's currently depressing me is that I was talking to a few people I work with about the Paul Hardcastle song about Vietnam - 19 - and most of them hadn't even heard it...
  • Happy birthday B, celebrate it as if it was your 18th.

    Though Jackie Wilson's Reet Petite is no longer number one !!
  • Happy Birthday Curb It. Same age as me for a couple of months!!!!!!!!!!
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