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If you're a Harpenden man I must know you,there aren't many Addicks there.


  • He's rarely in Harpenden.... normally to be found swanning around in Tokyo, LA etc.....
  • Did you play Cricket at all? There was a Dave I used to play cricket with was a fellow Addick

    Only been there a Year but there used to be quite a few getting off the Thameslink At St Albans
  • OI Medders!!

    I've been in the country for a couple of months now!
  • In my broadest Lovejoy accent....

    "It'll never last" !
  • Not played cricket since school.(St Georges.)There's about 20 odd Charlton live there though,all travel down together.Funnily enough when i first started going in 89/90 there was just me and my mate on the Thameslink,now we seem to have inherited lots of new fans.Whereabouts in Harpenden do you live?i'm no longer there but lived just off Station Road.
  • I didn't realise there were so many in Harpenden. It's all Arsenal & Spurs around this way. I was surprised how many people got off along the line - lots of familys. I grew up in St Albans thinking my dad and i were the only Charlton for miles around.

    I'm just off station road aswell, towards the Batford Nature reserve bit.
  • There's actually so many of us that we hold an annual summer do there for everyone.Get some very odd looks strolling into The Three Horseshoes with 20 Charlton shirts.If you used to travel to games with your old man I think I'd recognize you.Does he have a bald head?I can picture him but not you if indeed you are the 2 i'm thinking of.If not,apologies for offending your dad with accusations of baldness!
    At London Bridge there always seems to be loads of Addicks getting the Thameslink back north.Will look out for you if i'm heading up that way after a game.Sometimes pop in the Inn on the Green after for a pint.
    Sorry to non Harpenden folk for this,i know it means naff all to you!But as a matter of interest to you all,Harpenden is where Sam Bartram saw out his days and is buried there too.It merits a mention in Richard Redden's book I believe.
  • Yep my Dad is a tall skinny bald bloke. We use to get on at St Albans or Radlett.

    I'm more of a Harpenden Arms man myself but have been known to frequent the Inn from time to time. Where is the Three Horseshoes can't say i know that one?
  • Yeah The Arms is the best boozer.My mate likes the IPA in the Inn as he's an old git,other than that it's full of kiddies.
    3 horseshoes is up near Harpenden Common golf course.
  • I don't know that area very well. I only found out Southdown existed last week!

    I pretty much know the high street and thats it! Will have to have a look for the horseshoes.
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  • Another Addick link to Harpenden; Iain Dowie used to live there and his brother Bob still does,right opposite my mate's house in fact.They both went to St Albans school too I think.My mate knows Bob Dowie very well so i've actually been found in Billy's bar having a few beers with both of them!Amazingly they do well with the ladies too.I wouldn't be surprised if he moves his family back to Harpenden soon enough.
  • Yep My Brother played in a Charity game to raise funds for St Albans City last year he played in an 'old boys' side with Bob and Ian Dowie against an Arsenal XI

    Bob Dowie was a bit of a legend down Clarance Park when i was a kid!
  • Well if that's your era you'll remember my mate's old man then surely.Pete Lawrence the ex St Albans boss?!
  • Without meaning to butt in, I'm an ex, sort of Harpenden chap...used to live in Blackmore End, just past still there and comes down to The Valley when he can (no season ticket this year as he did not renew)...there's a couple in Kimpton too..

    Have had some great nights out in Harpenden...b*ggered if I can remember what the pubs were tho..I used to ride BMX's for the bike shop in Station
  • Ah - are any of you part of the Harpenden lot who joined up with the Chiltern Branch of the CASC who have a couple of meetings with Richard Murray/ G Poll and Richard Rufus, cos you'll know me then!
  • Your mate isn't Tom is it?
  • No my mate is Andy.
    Stanmore,I know the lot you mean,I think you met Poll at Hemel Football Club,i wasn't there but they said he was a top man actually.Like I said above I don't live there anymore but go to games with them all still.
    Charlton Charlie,blimey i remember that bike shop,somewhere near Classical Rock I believe!?.Yes I know the Kimpton two.I sit with one of them in K block actually,and he's actually moving to Harpenden this month so that leaves the one in Kimpton,whom i met once.Small world anyway!It's not bad for a night out,nice looking women anyway,but i'd had enough of the same thing every Friday/Saturday night.
  • Lol - one of the Kimpton 2 lives in my old house (Claggy Road) apparently (well, so my dad tells me)...the other is up the back is too small a world...
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