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Dear Mr Brown/Darling

Hello Chaps
Any chance of a few billion quid hand out ? through my own greed and high risk strategy (no risk to me of course) i seem to have a "toxic debt" (nice name that love buzz words). So i gambled a tad with rather large dosh in schemes i didnt really understand but hey ho my Porche is OK. Sad that about 3 million will be soon n the scrap heap but as long as im OK thats all that matters. Anyway enough of that drop the wedge off as soon as please , then i can get on with doing my own thing. Might be a good idea if you put up indirect taxation all over the show just in case i cant pay you back. Toodles.

All the best

Fat Twat EC1


  • lol so true

    as i have said before the bwankers are a bigger threat to us as individuals than al qaeda. therefore pursue them with as much vigour and disregard for the law as the other type of terrorists are, with asset freezing etc.
  • unlike you to be affectionate GH

    Mr Brown darling LOL :-))
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Roland Out!