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The new Springsteen album

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Any fans out there? Just listening to the new album , Working On A Dream (in the shops next Monday).

Very good, very optimistic, very spirit-of-Obama, very romantic. There's a kind of let's-all-pull-together-in-these-troubled-times mood, not dissimilar to the feel if not the sound of The Rising after 9/11. Plus the E-Street Band in full roar.

Stand-outs on first few listens - My Lucky Day, Outlaw Pete and the title track (which are actually the first three tracks on the album.) But not a single dud among the dozen songs, I think, and The Wrestler added as a bonus 13th track to the UK edition.


  • Clarence Clemons back with the band?
    Remember him in his full glory on July 4th at Wemberlee a couple of days before Live Aid

    On his day, no one can touch Loose Bedspring
  • Yup, Arthur. Clarence blowing up a storm...
  • So how did you come by an early copy of the Dream?
  • IMHO The Boss has always been the King (sorry Chirpy and other Elvis fans).

    Not a massive fan of his Devils and Dust or We Shall Overcome creations but all his albums bring something to the party. As a teenager I used to love nothing better than to drum along to Born To Run, Badlands, Rossalita etc etc

    As for Wembley, you won't see these days many acts (and I include the E-Street Band there) play for over 3 hours with such energy and precision.

    Long Live The Boss.
  • In answer to your question, Arthur, sent to me in advance for review...
  • Thanks for the heads up, Nigel.

    A much under-rated songwriter, and an insightful view on the real state of America by someone who observes and comments in his songs on the other side of the American dream.
  • You lucky sod, Nige!
    Nice work if you can get it!
    Great to know there's another band from our youth producing more good stuff that knocks current music into the stands.
    Saw the Boomtown Rats recently in a double header (if you forgive my terminology) with The Vibrators. One of the best music nights in the past 5 years!
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