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TV aerial question

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Far more interesting than what crap Parky will put out tonight...

If one is running new cabling to a roof (loft) aerial and you want say 4 cables coming off it to the rooms below what is the best method for splitting and or boosting and at what point in the cabling?




  • Somewhere near a power socket as you will need to boost the signal.
  • ok can do
  • A four way signal splitter is readily available from Argos. The best place for the splitter is in the loft, as it makes it easy to drop cables into the rooms below. You will however need a socket outlet up there.
  • I was advised by a Maplins guy to buy an 52 way outdoor aerial, and use it in the loft, he said that way you should not need to boost the signal, it works fine for me with my freeview.
  • I guess it depends on your signal strength area thingy
  • Where did you get your aerial DA ? Sounds like something I could do with.( Problems with weak signal.)
  • I bought a 4 way splitter from screw fix and jioned it allin the loft. Works fine without boosting the signal.
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