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Pubs for Burnley?

Going up by train, any one of know of pubs that we can use?


  • Nearest one you can use safely is probably in Preston!
  • Dont bother drinking in Burnley - you will be made as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool if the locals catch a sniff that you are not local.

    There are loads of pubs but are as inviting as a swimming pool with a floating turd.

    Either go to Preston/Manchester or wait for the pint when you get back to civilisation
  • I'm going to the ground with a few Burnly fans from Hull, can't imagine I'm gonna have too much fun wherever they chose to drink.
  • Get yourself jabbed for tetanus Stu.

    Have a top trip!
  • Some decent enough pubs down the road in Blackburn
  • Apart from the away pub by Ewood park (which was absolutely buzzing when we took 6000 in 2007) not really.
  • [cite]Posted By: pork_pie[/cite]Dont bother drinking in Burnley - you will be made as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool if the locals catch a sniff that you are not local

    Last time i was there we went in to a grotty pub by the ground which had a glitter ball hanging from the ceiling.My mate in his infinite wisdom decided to shout out at the top of his voice "F**k me it's like top of the pops in here" which didn't go down well with the locals.
  • Burnley is definitely bandit country.

    The PNE faithful don't call them 'the Dingles' for nothing!

    Careful how you go lads!
  • Went to the beefeater type pub up the road from the ground last year and it was fine. Only a 10 minute walk and food was ok to.

    Took this quote from football grounds guide

    Where To Drink?
    Tony Moore recommends the 110 Club on Yorkshire Street near the ground. This private club allows away supporters in for a nominal admission fee (20p). The club serves good reasonably priced food and children are also welcomed. They also offer a 'Claret & Blue' bitter at only £1.10 per pint. Matthew Harrison informs me; 'the Bridge pub', which is around ten minutes walk away from the ground, serves good beer and food and is fine for away supporters'. Whilst Mike Dean a visiting Norwich City supporter adds; 'We enjoyed the Talbot pub (opposite the Sparrow Hawk) for pre match drinks. It is a good sized pub with a large screen tv and plenty of sensible home fans, plus well kept real ale on tap'.

    Paul Hanson adds 'Another place I could recommend is the Queen Victoria Public House. The away fans are always directed/encouraged to park in one location, by the side of the Burnley fire station; Pass there, away from the football ground and proceed for about 100 yards where you will find the entrance to the Queen Victoria (Brewers Fayre establishment). The ground is no more than 10 minutes walk away. Away fans visit regularly wearing their colours'. Pete Mitton also recommends the Cricket Club; 'the clubhouse at the Cricket Club (you can also park there) is open on matchdays and visitors are always made welcome (wearing colours), which is ideal as it is right next door to the ground'. Andrew Woodhall sent in this comment about the Cricket Club bar that he overheard from a visiting Gillingham fan; "Two pints of Theakstons, a bowl of pie and peas and a cigar....and still change from a fiver!" Whilst Mark Elliott informs me'; 'The Woodman Inn on Todmorden Road (about a half a mile up the road from the ground) is a small & friendly enough place for away supporters, providing they are sensible and don't mind a bit of banter, plus the pub has a large screen which shows Sky Sports'.

    Ian Pilkington advises 'The Turf Hotel on Yorkshire Street and pubs in the town centre are best avoided. Colours are best covered up in and around the centre of town'.

    Hope this helps and good luck, it snowed last year lol
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