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Fleetwood is back

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Stuart Fleetwood has played his last game for Albion.

The forward, whose loan spell from Charlton was due to end after Saturday's home game against Hartlepool, has been recalled early by the Championship strugglers.

Probably will start ahead of Dickson...


  • Or Fortune and Hudson at this rate??????????????
  • or one of the other strikers is on his way out ....
  • .... Gray?
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    Not even done much for Brighton, surely fourth or fifth choice? Though they've said Gray could go and it seems that Todorov will eventually.

    They're replacing him with a Palace striker on loan

    Soccerbase says he's had 5 starts for Brighton and 6 sub apps, 0 goals.

    "He'll fit right in" etc etc
  • Although in context, Brighton hasn't sent him back - Charlton recalled him early.

    Over the time he's been on loan there, I've occasionally followed the Brighton reports and noted he's been credited with several assists and created chances for other strikers not taken.

    The Brighton people have been reasonably pleased with him - so no doubt his, erm ... link up play is progressing nicely.
    (You won't want to read that Mr Dickson).
  • Grays possibly pulled a hammy? on the OS
  • Or maybe someone else has put a bid in for him and we want to sell before the window closes.
  • Not seen much of him - but didn't seem like he was going to do much IMO

    If he steps above Dicko in the pecking order I will consider burning my season ticket
  • Can he play centre back?
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    [cite]Posted By: Imnot Athletic[/cite]Grays possibly pulled a hammy? on the OS

    Lol, "Come and get me Andy"..................He would still miss :-)
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  • Gray is out for a while, Hamstring...Toddy been told he doesnt work hard enough......that leaves the prolific Burton, the untried Dickson and of course Fleetwood...add to that Fortune is out for the centrebacks......bloody hell we are in a bad way
  • On the OS:

    "(Fleetwood) said at the time: "Brighton are a big club with the tiniest ground, and as they are Crystal Palace's most feared rivals, I felt it would be good for me to come down and get some games.

    "But now I'm back, I'm just so pleased we beat the scummy Nigels on Tuesday. Slimy b*stards!"

    So his time at Brighton hasn't been wasted after all.

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    TelinOz noted: 'bloody hell we are in a bad way''...

    At the risk of sounding like Oggy here , may be that's not a bad thing and we can turn it to advantage.

    a) Charlton sides have always traditionally been at their best when up against maximum adversty

    b) modern-day footballers are over-paid, pampered and spoilt and require moving out of their comfort zone.

    Hence, I am going to stick my neck out and predict an improbable away win at Burnley...

    (how's that, Oggy - do I pass the test?)
  • Fortune is big loss at this level. I can't believe Dicko isn't given a start . Richard(Burton) is just
    not up to it.
  • Fleetwood Mac? Seems like rumours to me.
  • the hamster joke!
  • [cite]Posted By: JorgeCosta[/cite]Fleetwood Mac? Seems like rumours to me.

    It's just The Chain.
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