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'I told you give Charlton a lead and by god they will f*ck it up!'

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This is what i said to my father at half-time. I think im pschycic or is this simply an automatic reaction to a rare Charlton plus-point?

The latter is correct unfortunatly take are close 2-2 draw against QPR we followed that with a series of embarressing defeats. Therefore I knew we were not going to win today beacuse of my above theory.



  • Go out and have a beer, Nutter.
  • Yeh i think i need one thanks
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    Yeah, that's right. In the hundred or so years the club has been around it's a nailed on fact that virtually every time we have taken a lead we have gone on to balls it up.

    Our record of just 15 wins in all of that time is irrefutable evidence of that theory.
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