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5 Days in the Life of...


Tense Victory against local rivals

Absolute Joy


Attend AGM and hear the words from Richard Murray ' When your lifes work has been invested in this club it sharpens your mind' and still you hear him apologise for the umpteenth time

I feel a total sense of respect and admiration for that man and what he has done for this club

Fortune out for the season. Hudson and Murty doubtful. Potential back 4 reduced to 1.



Gray out for the season. Hudson wont play against Burnley. Kandol and Ward in as loanees.

Despair (although the former may be is a blessing) but the guys at the club are doing their best to get us out of this situation



Hurt just pure hurt. I feel for this club.


  • nicely set out Peanut
  • Great post - agree with those sentiments entirely.
  • Well said: just a little light relief in the Spanners' and Nigels' results though.
  • Six bloody minutes injury, SIX, FFS! I still can't get over that, it's scandalous. Don't tell me English football is refereed with impartiality and fairness, I'll laugh in your face!
  • That'll make a change, most people laugh at mine...
  • Says it all Peanutman.

    Oh well, : - (
  • edited February 2009
    Good post, Peanuts. In fact, bloody poignant .....

    No point just bemoaning our luck though.

    Another match Tuesday. Let's just roll up our sleeves and go for it.
  • yep those injury time winners that we were getting last year seem to be coming back and biting us on our arse this year... still last year we deserved them this season we're just so unlucky
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