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Funding of the Academy

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then I apologise and man the U Boats!

However given our uncertain finances (removal of overdraft facility) etc who finances the academy, youth team, colts or whatever it is called these days?

I know good old Valley Gold is a contributor but is it the sole contributor or does, say, the Community Trust also have an input (given that it has taken over the Womens' team) or the main Club budget?

If we go down costs will be inevitably be cut. Could that include the academy or is the funding effectively ring fenced?


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    Close the academy and send the kids to Abidjan. Charlton Athletic can lead the world in outsourcing youth development.
  • VG gives about £1/4M a year, total running costs were about £1.2-1.5M
  • I have heard that we are switching to a Centre of Excellence next year instead of an Academy. A lot of clubs who do not expect to get back in the Prem for a while do this.
  • use the valley gold money to give to clubs in the ivory coast agree to sign there most promising talents the new drogba's and zokora's then not bother to actually sign them and let them get snapped up by clubs based in belgium and holland and scandinavia where the work permit laws arnt so tight... There are 4 meant to be comming this summer doubt we will even get to see anything of them at the valley.
  • Centre of excellance is a lot better for kids anyway.It means if a kid gets picked up a 9 years old he doesn't HAVE to stop playing for his sunday club,which is a situation that happens with academies.Many kids have to give up there sunday clubs only to be released ometime after and then find a club again.
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]There are 4 meant to be comming this summer doubt we will even get to see anything of them at the valley.

    Why not? Are they definitely meant to be coming here in the summer? I saw someone else said the same on here.

    We have four and a few more signed in January. The club said three were coming, ASECs site said we signed four. One of them included Gohi Bi who has now gone to Standard Liege in Belgium, so I'm not sure exactly how many we have now.
  • Thought our "tie-up" in Belgium was with Germinal Beerschot ?
  • Do we have any players coming in or are they off to belgium never to be heard of again...i know it's early days but i'm getting that Inter Milan feeling :)
  • [cite]Posted By: miserableold-ish git[/cite]Thought our "tie-up" in Belgium was with Germinal Beerschot ?

    It is, but he's actually signed permanently for Standard Liege, 5 year contract.

    Unless someone's recently signed, we don't have anyone on loan with Germinal Beerschot. They're all at French clubs at the moment.
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