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One game at a time

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we probably need to and win at least half our remaining games but we have very clearly turned the corner and are going to give it a good go - especially if we can win the two home games. Yes the other results are not going in our favour, but today's result should be a big boost to the players' confidence levels and at least if we do go down, we go down fighting and in the mood to bouce back.

I still think we will scrape survival and make the playoffs next season :-)


  • We've got a whole wedge of 6-pointers. And so have the other lower table sides.

    Both teams can't win, so points will be dropped all over the place.

    Let's ensure we take our points, especially from these teams.
  • 7 wins, 3 draws & 2 defeats should do it :-)
  • [cite]Posted By: mid_life_crisis[/cite]7 wins, 3 draws & 2 defeats should do it :-)

    Is that all? ;)
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    All we can do is concentrate on ourselves and keep on playing with pride, passion and fight.

    That's all I ask. Do that and the rest will take care of itself one way or the other but we will have given it our best shot.

    Two away games two points is good. We now need to WIN the two upcoming home games.
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