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NEW ARTICLE: In Sickness and in Health - Time to start being a plain, simple supporter again ?

Not sure everyone will agree with this one, but you pay your money, you take a your choice....


  • As always, if you agree / disagree, please leave your view underneath tha article, ta
  • Is this the new party line? I need to know so I can stay on message and not be banned :-)

    Sorry, couldn't resist that. Good article which I've commented on but I think it shows that while Admin didn't agree with the views expressed by the fan mentioned his views were respected and responded to in the article, not deleted or dismissed.

    Maybe a few others could write an article on why Parkinson should go or how they feel we can move on without Murray and Chappell. Would be interesting to read the other side of the arguement in more depth and with detailed proposals for moving forward.
  • NLA they are talkin about u mate.
  • A good article and worth reading.
  • It's a constructive article but maybe a bit unrealistic.

    Yes, the problem is not one dimensional but the culture is such today that people do want one person/thing to blame and will, therefore, over simplify the issue to achieve this. That won't stop, particularly now when we all want a rant. So, the 'lets be rattle bearing bobble hatted supporters like the old days and get behind the boys' will remain a romantic ideal.

    But I'm sure the directors realise this and won't over react to the vitriol. I think expectations could be managed better though - clearly new investment is required - what I don't know is how likely that's going to be - if nothing in the short to medium term then I accept that promotion is not likely next season and it could be worse, but at least I know and can adjust. I'm guessing that by now the directors who are owed large sums have accepted that they're not going to get out with their full original 'investment' and I hope they're realistic in their appraisal of how much they can get.

    I also realise the downside of complete transparency - stating that next season will be mediocre = lower ticket sales & potential fan erosion, statements of accepting reduced pence in the £ for loans could also affect potential sales price.

    In summary, I think if we can't be fully 'in the know' then the negativity will continue - depressing, I know, but we are a club that has slid fast and it will yield this response.
  • A great set of differing comments so far, thank you to those who have contributed, and if you haven't been back, then well worth reading others views.
  • Great article AFKA

    i have left my points of view and i thankyou for putting across a fair debate and not trying to belittle the point i was trying to make.

    Beat that NSS i made it into a blog :-)
  • Well said, NLA. A good and FAIR debate, with due tolerance by all concerned of opposing views. A model of how it's SUPPOSED to work and a credit to CL...
  • One of the club directors has added a comment showing 'the other side of the coin' that some don't see.

    Well worth reading, and i'm grateful to him for adding his view as it helps give a sense of perspective from all parties.
  • I could feel the steam!
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    moved to article
  • I think it is a quality that there are areas and avenues where our feelings can be heard and responded too, i feel i touched anerve with David which it was supposed to and it is great that he has responded (thankyou DW).

    All in all a thread that makes you realise that what you have built up AFKA is well worth keeping and growing,

    top debate and i am glad that something i have posted has got that sort of adult and responsible replys

    in a word its good to talk
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