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edited December 2006 in Troubleshooting

Is there any way i can look back on my past posts etc?


  • can't you do a search: tick the user box: and type your name in
    edited December 2006
    It just brings up my name, i tried that!

    I also done a search on topics but it brings up posts where people have quoted me and everything, still loads!
  • and its not a specific topic/discussion you're searching for?
  • WSS,

    click on you're WSS name, either from any of your posts in on the forum, or search, select your name.

    In the column of the left hand side should give the option to list all topics you have started, and all comments you have made.
  • Thanks!
  • Yup, AFKA's on the ball, I just added that this weekend.
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