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NEW ARTICLE: The REAL reason I Curbed my enthusiasm

Article on my thoughts of Curbishley going to the Hammers. Click on the link below


  • curbs did more than enough at CHARLTON to earn legendary status but our 'new fans' were never gonna be happy cos they hadn't seen the tripe over the previous years to realise what a monumental job he'd done. As for wishing him well NO NO NO , he's gone to one of our local rivals and i hope he has the worst managerial record in west ham history.... if he does well it could be at our expense so BAD LUCK on ya curbs
  • He was never a "Charlton" man though was he i don't think. he was just very professional and put his head before his heart when he was offered other jobs in the past.

    He left Charlton at exactly the right time FOR HIM look at our current position and think how good it now makes him look!
  • all this 'CHARLTON' man is nice in dream land but i don't care if the manager comes from mars and we do well cos the current 'CHARLTON' man doesn't look like he's up to the task in hand
  • mortimer, that wasnt my point, i was referring to that fact as to one of the reasons why he maybe wasnt as "accepted" as maybe Steve Gritt would have been if he had done a similar job etc.
  • yep understand WSS in an ideal world les berry would have led us to the premiership title ;-)
  • I think this is all quite daft and disagree with AFKA on the whole. He grew to love Charlton - think of all that he went through with the club - far more than he ever went through in his comparatively short time at West Ham. I also think that once he settles in at West Ham that he'll come to realise that it's not the same club he once knew, and that in fact he's become more a Charlton man now. If you read his book you'll know how much Charlton became a part of him.
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