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Sex shops can be damaging to.............

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your no claim bonus. Following a car out of Redhill today when the driver looked to the right at the local 'Sweet Deams' shop (or whatever it's called: never look myself), he then spoke to his female passenger who looked tothe right as well and they both started laughing.So they were both looking to the right and unfortunately neither of them had noticed that the traffic in front had stopped for a red light (!). BIG BANG! You should have seen the size of the bloke who got out of the car they hit: a multi-storey brick s*** house. Unfortunately I couldn't stop to see the 'climax' as I had to deliver the car I was in but OB were there when I got back nearly an hour later. I might have a look tomorrow to see what caused this excitement but in the meantime: any ideas on what they were looking at in 'Sweet Dreams' window?


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    Lol, I have a similar story myself,

    A few years ago I was driving up Regent Street at around 08.00 in the morning and it was a warm sunny day, parked on the right ourside one of the stores was an open top double decker bus and the top deck was full of models dressed in sexy undies having their photos taken.

    So....being faced with the chioce of keeping my eyes on the road or looking at the eye candy I did what every responsible driver of my age would do........................yes you guessed in BANG!!!!, The car in front of me had stopped at a red light and I hit him so hard I pushed him into the middle of the junction.

    So once again being a responsible person and being expected to take the blame for the accident I got out of the car and said to a bemused looking driver "What the F**k do you think you are doing pulling up at a red light that sharp, you gave me no chance to stop!!!"

    To which he calmly replied "Before you go any further sir and dig a bigger hole for yourself that car is an unmarked police vehicle and we are plain clothes police officers" whilst flashing his badge, Ooops, we spent the next hour doing everything by the book i.e. measuring the road, measuring the skid mark, talking to witnesses and blocking off a busy junction in Regent Street in the rush hour.

    So the moral of the story is...............never drive alone in London on sunny days, have a spotter with you to keep an eye on the trafic whilst you check out the talent :-)
  • ha ha ha typical good luck there!
  • I once back ended a car coming down Gypsy Hill 'cos i was laughing at the comb over of some bloke who had just got off the bus over the road...
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