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One strictly for the other beardy-weirdy musos on here.....

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I had the great pleasure of seeing Bonnie Prince Billy in concert last night in Calgary. It was a rollicking good gig, Mr Oldham played for nearly 2 hours despite the prospect of then having to get on a bus to Vancouver for his next show - the following night. The equivalent of driving London to John O Groats - but through blizzards & squeaky mountain passes.

I urge fans of this kind of music to check out his new Long Player - Beware. It's a truly, truly fine album - the best new record i have heard since the last great one I heard. Alternatively look it up on Spotify or whatever that thing is you have over there, that is naturally not available to us Canadians.



  • Thanks Oakster, I will get a copy tomorrow I loved it.
  • Cheers Oakster Il give it a listen.ive got master and everyone n really like that. Likewise you need to listen to Home by Peter Broderick . Saw him in Cov a few weeks back a delightful gig.
  • Can't find it on Spotify but thanks for the heads up.

    What are people's views on Spotify? Seems very well presented but when you dig down into genres there doesn't seem to be a huge amount.

    Like the biogs on artists and links to similar acts

    Still all free so can't complain to much.
  • Spotify is good for free, but like you say there isnt much depth to the catalogue.

    That said they seem to be getting plenty of newer material i.e. U2 and Lilly Allen which will only encourage companies to put more stuff on it.

    Theres loads of Orb on there so i just let it roll on and on whilst working.......
  • I think Spotify is pretty good....quality is excellent, but would agree that its a bit light on artists from some genre's
  • To me Spotify is an excellent way of listening to a lot of albums and bands that Ive been unsure about or liked but not enough to purchase or download. Since Ive been listening to spotify Ive actually purchased more music.
  • Never tried it but will give it a go when I am back tomorrow
  • Very good for reference when reading music press. The 'this band sounds like this band' comments get more confusing the older I get.
  • Is that the bloke from Fingerbobs?
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  • All his Palace Music stuff was reissued last year.

    If you like Bonnie "Prince" Billy I urge you to check it out.

    Saw him at the Union Chapel a cuple of years ago when he was touring "The Letting Go" and he was superb. The album was recorded in Iceland and the female vocalist (whose name escapes me) on a number of tracks is brilliant.

    Whilst we are on the weirdy beardy subject can I point all of you the way of Laura Veirs. Not as dark as Will Oldham but a similar genre. A good starting point is Carbon Glacier.
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]will-oldham-bonnie-prince-billy.jpg

    He won't get much of a tune holding it like that
  • Strange looking cove, but the song (and video for) strange form of life is stunning
  • [cite]Posted By: stonemuse[/cite]Never tried it but will give it a go when I am back tomorrow

    Useful site, cheers
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