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One more for the scrapheap...

Work up in the City for a foreign bank, doing a mundane IT job. Good appraisal in Jan, they tell me the bank is in good shape & we are highly regarded throughout the organisation.

Today we are informed that our section of the IT dept will be moving to Kuala Lumpur in September! However, by way of consolation, some of us may get a two week trip to KL to train up the locals who will be taking over our jobs!

I hate the world today.


  • Sorry to hear that mate
  • That is real Shit


    chin up
  • Globalisation eh! It's the way forward.
  • sorry to hear that fella,its terrible at most places at the moment
  • Could be worse MLC, they could have just given you the heave-ho with no trip to KL. Your skills are transferable and IT will bounce back more quickly that other industries. It's a big world out there and with a fully positive attitude, it could turn-out to be the best thing that's happened to you. You're a Charlton-fan, that gives you an immediate advantage over the rest of the job-seekers! Turn your KL trip into a great holiday. Good luck with the job hunting.
  • I have sympathy for what's happened to you (along with thousands of others) Personally, in the circumstances, i would tell them where they can stick Kuala Lumpar.
  • Feel for you, MLC .....not good news at all, so keep your pecker up. But do read Cardinal Sin's post again.

    And do go out to Kuala Lumpar, if you get the chance.

    It'll be an experience and something to put on your CV,

    You never know where it might lead, and who you might meet.
    And the chance to swap a mundane IT job for an interesting one.
  • Sorry to hear that MLC.
  • I feel really angry on your behalf and i've never even met you!

    that's a real nasty thing for the company to do.

    Maye we should set up a Charlton Life networking group? Must be a few bods on here in IT.
  • Sorry to hear that. Never nice. I'd take the trip to KL just to get what you can out of them. Not the fault of the guys out there you'd be training.

    And then you can put "worked internationally" and "experience of working with diverse cultures" on your CV.

    Was in with a client yesterday and managed to get a job lead for another Lifer. Will have to see if it comes to anything but the networking idea could be a goer.
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  • sorry to hear this
  • Sorry to hear the bad news...and good luck with finding something. People with IT skills are going to be needed though and can move around and if I read your post correctly you have until September to find another job.
  • Sorry to hear the news mate - I was in a similar situation a few years ago that I had to go to Budapest to train staff to do my job a couple of years ago - then that relocated off to India last year and I now support the system and help the guys in India out.

    It's really frustrating that we are just a balance on a balance sheet at times like this and the company just want to do everything they can for the cheapest amount possible.

    I am currently employed in IT but not getting particularly good vibes about my place - despite just taking on projects that should occupy me for the next 2 years - and want to start looking around but there is not much out there right now and with 12.5 years service to my current employers I would rather be made redundant than leave of my own volition

    The hardest thing for me is i don't have many IT qualifications - I have kind of fallen into this role and whilst I am good at it...I don't know how it would be at another company!

    Scary times people - good luck to all those looking for work right now.
  • As an IT contractor at mojor financial institutions since 1994 I can assure you that your skill are always transferable.

    Each place runs in the same way, reactive and lip service to strategic vision.

    In my opinion, once you can lose the comfort blanket of a permanent position, go out and contract, average lenght of my contacts is way over 2 years....

    Oh and you earn twice as much and pay half as much tax....

    Never have been able to understand the permanent thing, but with the curernt crunch, there's no safety in a permie role anyway...

    Good luck..
  • they got some bloody front - letting you go and then ask you to go the other side of the world to train up the person taking your job.

    I'd tell them to do one.
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    Globalisation= Getting in cheap labour.Sounds like a bastard company.All the best for the future MLC.
  • [cite]Posted By: iansarge[/cite]Each place runs in the same way, reactive and lip service to strategic vision.

    what he said..... which is what??
  • [cite]Posted By: SE10Addick[/cite]I feel really angry on your behalf and i've never even met you!

    that's a real nasty thing for the company to do.


    Me too. Hope it all works out for you and you get a role quickly thats an improvement on your current one. Same goes for everyone else going through similar things at the moment.
  • Messed up the quoting thingy again doh!
  • Feel for ya mate
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  • Have a word with Charlton Dan. He recruits to IT positions
  • Thanks to all for the kind words, encouragement & advice.
    Very much appreciated.
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    Join the club MLC - I got given the good news by my company last week, and they even said how safe peoples jobs were a few months ago
  • [cite]Posted By: Red Fraggle[/cite]Messed up the quoting thingy again doh!

    Sounds like a good salesman.
  • That is a terrible story, a friend of mine has been told her jobs being moved to Scotland from London & would she mind Flying to Glasgow every morning at 4.00am for a few weeks whilst she does a handover to new staff then they will make her redundant.

    Keep you chin up & stay positive which is very important !
  • Sorry to hear that and hope things turn around for you soon.
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