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cash for Next season

edited March 2009 in General Charlton
If as Waggy says it will cst us about £4million re religation this is how (IMO) we get some f the dosh back.

J Jo , Grey,Weaver,Fourtune ------------£3.5 million . With hopefully bolt on re JJ.
ZZ,Ambrose,Toddy, Weaver,Grey,Fourtune off the wage bill all the high earners.

Maybe if we are cute JJ back on season long loan.

Bailey tld he stays till Jan if we aint in the mix he goes for £ 600 K.

we only sign players that are out of contract and no transfer fees paid.

I wont be looking at any rumours that involve money being paid out as realistic. Can we get promoted with that policy ? no idea.
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