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hub caps

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Has anyone lost their hubcaps, or aerial, or something, on an away trip?
I recall driving to Anfield in my Escort back in 2002 or 3. I chose to save some dosh by not going in a car park, (plus saving time getting out). As I parked in a street I saw a kid hastling a driver but quickly parked the car and whizzed off with my kid. Later, after another defeat, I came back to my car to find an irate kid, about ten, sticking out his hand demanding two quid for "looking after your car." When I said no, he went ape saying "You've still got your hubcaps." I quickly drove off before he got an older brother onto me but the point of this story is I hate the blackmail culture of this little git. Mind you, if I were in his shoes and lived close to the ground, I might do the same thing!


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    yer had this scam b4,told them to do one and did not park near the ground,end of
  • villa away few years ago think it was midweek, we parked in what i think was a school playground not far from the ground..
    they charged us about £5 for 'safe' parking.. when we got back to the car a few other cars had had the windows put thru, radios nicked etc.. im sure someone was kicking off with the parking attendants as we left as there car had been done over..
  • Yep I remember that, £5 on a scrap of derelict industrial land in Birmingham. Scammers.
  • went to see the mighty montrose lose 6-0 at celtic about 18 years ago.
    mate parks up about half a mile from the ground, 3 kids ask if they could 'look after' the motor. we give them a couple of quid and head off. mate can't remember if he locked one of the doors so we head back to the car within a minute of leaving it to find the little angels 'looking after' it with a screwdriver to the boot lock.
  • I did hear a story where the kids asked a bloke to look after his car in Liverpool, he said no thanks I've got a dog in the car. They asked what's he like putting out fires.
  • I can't believe this sort of thing goes on in Liverpool. Surely not?
  • I 'm worried my daughter has just got herself a new boyfriend He's a scoucer everton fan I've cable tied my hub caps on and hidden all the bricks in the garden just to be safe
  • A guy I worked with went to see York City in his Mini. Parked in the street near the ground. When he got back the away fans had flipped his car upside down on to the roof!!
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