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setanta broadband for england match tonight - anyone tried it?

Would be interested in your opinions




  • Im also interested in this.........

    if anyone has any LOGIN for this could they email me as Im stuck at work with just the internet

  • All the England games should be on BBC, simple as that, not sky, not Sentanta, why our National game is not available to watch is outrageous,

    In France they would probably be manning the barracades!.
  • Anyone try watching the England U21 game on Friday? Setanta web site boasts it is the only place to watch EVERY England U21 gave live, err... I don't think so paddy. False advertising or what!

    Sky always showed them all, thanks for your interference EU... what a difference that has made to my football choice, I now pay £106 more a year to see less football.
  • I now discover that "Setanta is the only place to watch Fabio Capellos successful new team play their home internationals" Actually means "Except when we sell it on to ITV to make a few extra quid having conned your subscription out of you with false promises..."
  • I thought it was only friendlies that were exclusive to Setanta?
  • they've just improved it - widescreen and record features among other things, not hd yet tho. Am recording todays semi tho. Cost a tenner a month i think. Helps if you have a pc rigged up to the tv of course.
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