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Anyone travelling on Southeastern today! (Sunday)

Be afraid! Had to get a replacement bus from Greenhithe to Slade Green as there are engineering works. No probs, get on bus, go through Dartford, then as he's going down Thames Rd he does'nt turn right to go down Howbury Lane. Strange i thought? Then after going around the roundabout & going back on himself he finally gets it right. But alas! He clearly has no idea where he's going after he then decides to do a u turn & go back the way he came! Laugh of it is, if i had not have gone up to him to ask if he was lost & then give him directions, the rest of the people on the bus would still be going around on a magical mystery tour, as no one but me piped up! Turns out he was using a sat nav! WTF? So if your'e getting a replacement bus make sure the driver knows where he's going!


  • Got the replacement bus last night from Gravesend to Dartford and the driver forgot to stop at Swanscombe and let two lads off, they had to get off at Dartford and get another bus back!!
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