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Mobile Phone Recycling Sites

Has anyone used one of these sites to sell an old mobile?.

Fonebank, envirophone etc etc.

I am looking to flog my old Nokia N95 8gb and fonebank have offered £143.00 for it. Only about £10.00 short of the average ebay sale price.

Just wondering how quick the turn round is once you send the phone to them?. They claim chqs are sent the sameday as they receive the phone.


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    Sent one back to T-Mobile on a similar scheme and it took them 2 months to respond,when they did they muffed up the name on the cheque.
    Hope you fare a bit better!
  • Funnily enough I've just sent two phones off to Fonebank - Went on Money Savings Expert and compared all the sites, Fonebank came tops. Will let you know how I get on.
  • used envirophone a few times - can't fault it
  • "used envirophone a few times - can't fault it"

    - me too, and you get more value if you take it in Argos Vouchers!
  • Used Mazumba or whatever

    The up side compared to Ebay is

    No Ebay Listing Fees
    No Ebay Selling Fees
    No Paypal Fees

    sent to old phones in gopt £33.00 one had cracked screen the other screen was very poor to see and over condtion rough as hell

    So well pleased to bank £33.00
  • many charities offer mobile phone recycling, they get £20-30 a phone and is a good cheap source of income for charities.
  • Clem wants the money though ;o)
  • How did you get on Dave?

    Fonebank pay a couple of quid more for a couple of the cheaper phones.

    Got to say the Argo vouchers is tempting- lot simpler for a self employed person..
  • Posted the phones off on the Saturday, had a cheque by the Tuesday.

    Good service, so I would recommend
  • How old do these phones have to be...I've got some going back a good few years...i.e. my Nokia Banana phone!
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  • there's also which also takes old batteries (but won't pay you money for them).
  • I thought we were all giving them to the club?
  • What a terrific coincidence, I was clearing up today and found four old mobiles, saw this thread, went onto Fonebank and discovered they're worth £140! That's nearly half my season ticket paid for! KEEEERCHING!
  • Pity AFKA and Lookie can't link into one of these sites.
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