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What were the first LP and single you bought............

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and what happened to them? Rooting through the 'stuff' in the shed today and came across my box of old 45s: found a case to sit on and went through them. Almost every one has a story to tell, especially the 60's ones. This led to digging out the old LPs: even more memories. The first single has survived, 'Rebel Rouser' by Duane Eddy and so has the first LP: Elvis (Rock 'n' Roll No.1), though lots of others have disappeared , many flogged at school to buy fags with, some nicked by my brother, and other taken to jumble sales by my mum. But those two have made it! Any others? (There will of course be some sort of generation gap thing here I'm sure!).


  • First single - Please Please Me by The Beatles
    First Album - Sgt. Pepper by The Beatles
    Would have liked all the Beatles albums but pocket money wouldn't stretch that far.
    Paper round paid for Sgt Pepper.
    Luckily my best friend had an older brother who always had all the latest sounds, so I never missed out during the 60's.
    Used to sound great on his bass-heavy radiogram, unlike my trebley Dansette!

    Spent most of the 70's buying up all my favourite 60's albums.
  • It wasn't the Wombles, that's all I will say.
  • Didnt have a lot (any) of pocket money as a nipper. Ahhhhh

    My first single was almost certainly, Dance with the Devil.........Cosy Powell, along with Music...........John Miles.
    my first album........ I remember buying Derek and Clive live on cassette and my Mum finding/playing and chucking me out again :(
    But I'll stick my neck out here and say, Sing something simple by "The Mike Sam Singers" on the K-Tel label, and I possibly nicked it from Woolworth's. ........ ..................only joking Officer..
  • Single - Two little Boys (Rolf Harris 1969)
    LP - A T.REX Greatest Hits on Music for Pleasure (?) label
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    Went down to Woolwich co op to buy Sgt Peppers, but bought 'are you experienced' by Hendrix......
    never recoverd from the effect....... 'You'll never hear surf music again' he declared on the album,..... Brian Wilson never did again!
    the third album ' Electric Ladyland,' still have it to this day.... best studio album of all time
  • 2 singles for my 10th birthday, "Yellow River" Christie and "I will return", by Springwater

    First album was "Rampant" by Nazareth in 1974 I think it was a fortune (£2.00 was in those days), the odd thing was Id never heard it, I bought it because I liked the cover.....fortunately, it was actually a very good album...second album was Tubular Bells which I have to this day (along with a load of other collectors versions).
  • 1st album,, ,diary of a mad man, ozzy osbourne,

    1st single that got bought for me,,white wedding, billy idol (buggered off a bit lively when that turned up)
  • First Single Waterloo Sunset The Kinks

    First LP (they were expensive ) either Deep Purple in Rock or Small Faces Ogdens Nut Gone Flake
  • Single Mud Tiger feet, never ceases now to get me up "dancing"

    LP Kimono my House Sparks with the odd Mael brothers and Dinky Diamond on drums
  • first single: race with the devil, the gun
    first lp: motown volume 4
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  • Single - Ghost Town (Specials)
    Album - Powerslave (Iron Maiden)
  • Night at the Opera- Queen- LP

    Don't think i've ever bought a single......
  • First single - Hell Razor by The Sweet
    First Album - One of those Top Of The Pops things by unoriginal artists.
    First Proper Album - Pink Floyd The Wall
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]It[u][b]wasn't[/b][/u]the Wombles, that's all I will say.[/quote]

    are you sure????? I recall a conversation on air!

    First Album - K-Tel, 10 Power Hits, compilation album, it had Clifford T Ward, Gaye on it and Hot Chocolate, Brother Louie

    First SIngle - Rubber Ducky, Sesame Street!!!
  • [cite]Posted By: PeteF[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]Itwasn'tthe Wombles, that's all I will say.

    are you sure????? I recall a conversation on air!

    First Album - K-Tel, 10 Power Hits, compilation album, it had Clifford T Ward, Gaye on it and Hot Chocolate, Brother Louie

    First SIngle - Rubber Ducky, Sesame Street!!!

    Absolutely positive - For the record and I canot believe I am admitting to this -

    First Single - Grandad - Clive Dunn

    Album - Have no idea of it's name but it was on sale in Woolworths and had a picture of a Satellite Dish on the front of it.
  • First single - Apeman by the Kinks

    First Long Player - A cheap and nasty best of Jimi Hendrix (it was cheap but the music was good)
  • Excluding a Pinky & Perky e.p. and Wally Whyton sings 50 Children's Favourites

    First Single - The Legend of Xanadu by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch
    First Album - Soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Fist single bought for me - Tiger Feet
    First single I properly bought myself - West End Girls
    First Album - Madonna, Like a Virgin
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    Single was fight for your right to party by the beastie boys

    Album was hammer don't hurt them by mc hammer from the tape bloke in woolwich who had all the chart albums on cassette for 2 quid.
  • LP) Prince Charming- Adam and the Ants
    Single) Don't you want me- The Human League
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  • 1st album : non-stop erotic cabaret - soft cell
  • First single was Living doll by the Young Ones (yes ok! and Cliff Richard)

    First album was Number of th beast by Iron Maiden.
  • Ballroom Blitz - Sweet

    Blondie - Blondie

    Ok there was probably a few Wombles LPs but they were bought for me. Honest...
  • Single Telstar The Tornadoes (alias Joe Meek). I remember it clearly as we went to Woolwich to buy a gramophone at the same time and were allowed to choose a record each as well which cost six shillings and eightpence! My sister bought Bachelor Boy by Cliff Richard.

    Don't remember my first LP for sure but was many years later, very late sixties or even very early seventies, and would have been something by one of Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon on his own or Bob Dylan.
  • Single Lisa stansfield - All around the world
    Album - Bros - Push
  • First single wasn't bought by me, but borrowed from a cousin a few years after it was released.
    "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks.

    I've still got it ....(!)

    First album new, was the Beatles double White album. It cost a lot of weeks paper round money, I can tell you.
    'Revolution No9' was my favourite track, certainly appealed to a 13 year old, lol
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