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Did anyone miss Charlton not playng this weekend?

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I hate to admit this, but I found it a bit of a relief us not playing yesterday and had the nicest weekend I've had in some time.

No tension. No disappointment. No grumpiness. Nice day gardening between the showers on Sat afternoon. Took my son and daughter-in-law out to a terrific meal at Pitt's Cottage in Westerham on Sat night. And today we went down to the Kent coast, did a bracing coastal walk and had a fascinating tour of the South Foreland lighthouse.

I'm not going to the Southampton game next Sat. But I've just got this horrible feeling that whatever happens between 3 - 4.55 pm is guaranteed to ensure I don't have nearly as good a weekend as I've had over the last 48 hours !


  • Don't start enjoying your Saturday afternoons Nigel, you might get a taste for it. ;)
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    Funny you should raise this point, Nigel. I feel we're in a state of limbo: we all know what's on it's way but there's nothing we can do to hurry it up and get this bloody awful season over. There's no coming or going teamwise, there's no relegation battle to fight (sorry Oggy and Dazzler), things have just fizzled out. But on Saturdays there's the feeling that one should do still one's duty and turn up and watch the almost unwatchable, or turn Sky on to see how we're doing and end up watching Geoff and the boys for the whole two hours! Yesterday was indeed a day of rest and relaxation and I happily spent the afternoon fiddling with the old 'bike (the Triumph, not Mrs.M) and listening to the England game later on. Today was spent mainly with feet up watcing the repeat of the Grand Prix and World Superbikes with a bit of mowing in between to keep 'she who must be obeyed' happy. Now on here with a bottle of plonk, and likely to get depressed again! Oh, and rooting around in the shed this morning: see other thread for details.
  • As I don,t go to every game I don't have to suffer as much as some of you, but saturday just isn't saturday if Charlton don't have a game in the footy season, and despite the tripe thats been served up lately I always think we'll win the next one.
  • Did anyone miss Charlton not playng this weekend?

    I have missed Charlton not playing this whole season, let alone this weekend, especially when I have been watching them at The Valley! ;-)

    International weekend blanks - Not something that will concern us for a while as from next season!
  • This weekend was very welcome relief. Can't wait for this mess of a season to be over.
  • As someone in the office said on Friday.........." does that mean we will have have gone 2 weeks unbeaten?"

    about the only good thing about not playing yesterday.
  • Best Saturday for a long while!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]This weekend was very welcome relief. Can't wait for this mess of a season to be over.[/quote]

    [quote][cite]Posted By: Stig[/cite]Best Saturday for a long while![/quote]

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    [cite]Posted By: Chirpy Red[/cite]International weekend blanks - Not something that will concern us for a while as from next season!
    I picked up on that too while watching SSN on Saturday and saw the fixtures on the ticker - yet another aspect of the total humiliation of dropping into the third tier!!

    And no, I didn't miss it at all, felt a huge sense of relief in fact. Sadly.
  • I had football withdrawal syndrome though - so bad I had to watch Wales-Finland and then a meaningless friendly.
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  • I didn't miss it one bit and can't wait for the summer to come so I can completely forget about Charlton for a couple of months.
  • Where Charlton playing at the w/e ... ?
  • Was in Wales visiting 1965jr so Charlton didn't even enter my a game of football in though,i went to watch Merthyr Tydfil play Bedford Town in the British Gas Southern Premier,not a bad game with Merthyr winning 3-0 which was good and made even sweeter for the fact Bedford Town are known as The Eagles!!
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