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Kevin Pietersen - What a Dickhead!!!

Does this bloke EVER shut up?

Feck me, he's just put himself deep in the shit with the Daily Mail article and now he comes out with this nonsense. I bet he'll somehow find it in himself to drag himself away from his missus for a month while the EPL is on, won't he?

I mean, seriously, can someone sit this bloke down and explain that people are losing their homes and jobs by their thousands back in the UK and they really don't need to hear this ponce bemoaning his lot every five minutes.

What an egotistical dickhead this bloke is, no wonder him and SK Warne are best mates.

Rant over!!!


  • Precisely what has he said there that you disagree with? In fact, i distnictly remember Pietersen saying something about feeling uncomfortable about the amount of money under offer from Stanford for last year's ridiculous beach cricket special. Whilst that isn't much (it certainly didn't stop him playing in the match) it indicates that, whilst he has the propensity to open his mouth and put his foot in it from time to time, he isn't a complete tosspot (like, say, Ricky Ponting)

    In addition to that, he states in this 'interview', quite clearly, and with no beating about the bush, that England were crap under his captaincy and didn't come close to winning a match in india whilst he was in charge. No blame apportioned to anyone else. I can't see anything wrong with that?

    Would you like to be away from your wife for eleven weeks? Have you SEEN Jessica Taylor? F*** me I'd chew off one of my hands to 'ave it with her! I know cricketers are paid a lot of money to be away from their families, but, lets be honest, the instant sporting comparison we always make in this country is with footballers. Can you imagine what would happen if we asked Shrek to be away from Colleen for the best part of three months non-stop? Don't you think his form might suffer? Sorry - but I don't see how Pietersen's latest comments (which, I might add, were solicited by journalists, who have probably not given him a moment's peace since the admittedly stupid remarks at the weekend) merit yet another debate about whether he is an idiot. The bloke makes mistakes. So does everyone. Lets leave it at that and move on.
  • Would you drop him? It's a long time for a young man with a beautiful wife to go without having his tubes cleared? Let alone the jealousy knowing she's off meeting lots of charismatic, handsome young meeja blokes who could advance her career...
  • English cricket needs more people with Pietersons attitude, he is a winner. He does though, need to stop going on about it.

    If you could take the best bits of Pieterson and the best bits of Strauss you would have the best batsman in the world, however we don't so rely on boys like that to work like a team and we have a starting point
  • is he mates with Craig 'twat' Bellamy ?
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    I would not drop him, no, but as Nasser Hussain said in the paper this morning and as Sir Beefy has also said; the bloke needs to learn to keep his mouth shut on occasions and also to think before he engages his brain.

    Leroy - Pietersen has complained about the amount of cricket being played, that is true. But, as Hussain points out, at the same time he was also badgering the ECB to allow him to play in the IPL - that's called a double standard.

    If he was so worried about playing too much cricket then why accept an IPL deal? If he is so desperate to stay home with his wife then why not take the chance to do so in April? Money, that's why.

    What's more Pietersen really can't complain about the press, he takes more sponsorship and advertising money than any other England player - he who pays the piper calls the tune on that one I am afraid. What's more he got great press as skipper and a very sympathetic coverage when he was ridiculously sacked. Not buying that one.

    As for Stanford, Pietersen was one of the original cheer squad for the whole shambles in the Carribean (unlike Freddie) but quicklly turned tail when it came crashing down, calling Stanford a "sleazebag."

    As for the length of time away from his family, well, that's part of the deal with being a cricketer I am afraid, if he doesn't like it then he is welcome to cease touring as Trescothick did but that would cost him a lot of money and he won't like that one bit.

    I love watching KP bat, he is a phenomenal talent, and I thought he was shafted as skipper but he really needs to think before he speaks because it does not sound great to have him carping on about his lot in life in times such as these.

    BTW Leroy, you asked whether I would like to be away from my wife for 11 weeks? If it was to spend three months in the Carribean playing cricket with my mates and getting paid a fortune for it then yes I bloody would.

    I just spent 10 days away from home, going back to London of all places, and its not nice to be away from family but KP will be able to retire at 35 and not have a money worry for the rest of his life which is certainly not the case for the rest of us. He will have to sacrifice himself for this part of his life but in return will be set up for ever when he retires, that's the way it works just like for many other professionals in a range of fields.

    He is in a highly privileged position, he needs to remember that before he speaks in public.
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    Well said, Ormiston. I wouldn't drop him, either, but Strauss and the England management need to read him the riot act. We need his runs but not his disruptive tendencies every time he opens his mouth.

    All cricketers have to be a little bit selfish to become great players. But the beauty of the game is balancing indivdual performance with the needs of the team. Can't think of anyone who has got that balance more wrong since Boycott.

    As Ormiston says, it's the double standards that really raise one's hackles about KP. Whining about being at the end of his tether and wanting to go home, when he's actually off to play in the IPL - which he himself put huge pressure on the ECB to be allowed to do.

    And yes, he does admit that England were a ''shambles'' under his captancy. Interestingly, though, he doesn't go into the reasons why. Something to do with the fact thast instead of all pulling together, he was going behind the coach's back and lobbying the ECB to sack Moores ?
  • K.P. - A.K.A. Dumbslog Millionaire :-)
  • English cricket needs to get its act together, KP is the best batsman England have had in a generation and he's playing in a team where mediocrity is recognised. All winter England have won just two games, including the Stanford game, One dayers, Tests and practice games in India and the WI, that isn't good enough.
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