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Sore Bottom Time - take 2


As some of you may remember from this time last year, a group of friends and I cycled from London to Bordeaux, raising just over £20k for National Children's Homes.

Well, we've obviously forgotten how painful it was and are setting off again in four weeks time…just that this time we have made it a little bit harder and are cycling from the Med to the Atlantic, taking in the Pyrenees en route.

Obviously I know that times are tough right now, but both I and the charity would be extremely grateful if you could sponsor me for the trip. It doesn't matter how much (or how little) - anything will make a difference to NCH (now renamed Action for Children) and may just prove the inspiration to me to keep pedalling when things get tough (about 2 mins after starting) rather than getting in the van.

Also, big thanks to DA9 who has done us a marvellous deal on the hire of the support van.

Thanks in advance


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