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Federico Macheda

Anyone seen his quality strike against Villa Maybe a potential loan signing !!!


  • Yeah, the fact that he scored a wondergoal to win a match, in injury time to beat quality opposition, suggests to me that Sir won't be letting him wander off anywhere (particularly with 2 of their main strikers out). And if he does it's more likely to be to one of the 40 odd clubs between them, and us I'm afraid.
  • HAD HIM ON footy manager for ages
  • I see he's at it again. Bet Lazio are fuming.
  • More than a touch of Norman Whiteside about him with the arrogance of Cantona thrown in!
  • [cite]Posted By: Mortimerician[/cite]I see he's at it again. Bet Lazio are fuming.

    Just how we felt after Defoe walked out on us.
  • ...except without any form of compensation...
  • I understand that it is something to do with the rules in Italian football, apparently you cannot sign Professional terms until you are 18, so United took advantage of that and offered him professional terms, thats why they had to pay some form of compensation- well worth the money I say!
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