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Just checked the BBC... see who won the Everton vs Man Utd game - apparently they BOTH did!


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    Did you see Fergie's reaction to Riley turning down their penalty appeal? Like a child throwing a tantrum. In a word 'pathetic'.
  • Didn't watch any of the match - went for an afternoon snooze instead!
  • I did watch the match AND had an afternoon snooze lol
  • Watched it for a sort while then went and did some mowing! If I had slogged down from Manchester (some of them must have), paid God knows how much for a ticket and then found the reserves were playing, I wouldn't be happy!
  • I quite enjoyed myself watching all the native Chatham mancunians (grown men with children wearing replica shirts with names & numbers on the back) screaming at the TV ordering Vidic & co to kill the scousers and how them smelly dirty scousers were cheating.

    Then laughing in their faces when Berbatov & co proceeded to shank their penalties, f*cking brilliant. Asking when any of them were going to Old Trafford next only to be greeted with blank stares and anger. I don't think I will be welcome there for a while, but it was worth it.
  • My mate and his two sons were down from liverpool supporting everton so was well pleased for them. They are on cloud nine this morning.

    it was looking a bit dodgy there for a second when cahill skewed it high.
  • Berbatov's penalty barely even reached the goal. "I could have blown it harder".
  • LAZY
  • oh and another friend saw a lad slice two fingers off on Wembley Way on saturday after the game as he jumped on a wall to escape the queue, his two fingers were left behind on the steel fence.
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