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Footie in South East Asia

Jesus, they know nothing other the Moan Utd or Liverpool. No surprise really i guess. On some rip off show of Hels Bels an the Chelsea twonk show in the uk (from Singapore i think) they are running a phone in vote re each position re prem league. There were 6 prem league goalkeepers to vote for ---4 got less than 1% ,one got 5 % and Van Da Sar got 90% !!

The female in it then admits she still likes Arsenal !!! even tho she thought about ditching em as they werent very good a few weeks back ------- Singapores Kelvin Mackenzie maybe ?

So i said to the Mrs ever widening family(numbers wise) no more Moan Utd or Liverpool tops and hats next year its CAFC or nothing ! ------ they said just bring yourself then !
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