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spare a thought for Blackpool fans

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  • no i won't
  • Bothered.
  • have you read the comments? that driver sounds clueless.
    We better have a better one on saturday... tho i dont think ill care much about missing the game, as long as i get to the pub.
  • no one had told the driver how Greenwich is at a complete standstill! id have gotten off and walked it, they probably didnt know the way.
  • closest pub to the ground I know is the Bridge, bit of a dive but a short walk, the rest are a fair bit away
  • You'd think a coach driver would have sat-nav, still at least four of them turned up just in time to see the winner.
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    8am leaving blackpool for a 3pm kick off thats pushing it to begin with...

    Phil Mitchells long lost twin sister made it tho... sadly...

  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]8am leaving blackpool for a 3pm kick off thats pushing it to begin with...

    I agree, heard about it on Talktim this morning, would have been at least on the M6/M1 near Birmingham at that time if it were me.
  • well they should live in london like the rest of their fans.
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  • fail to plan u plan to fail.
  • I dont get why they carry on at 4 you would say come on drive lets head home.
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]fail to plan u plan to fail.

    I prefer the "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail" statement.
  • should have got off and got a train
  • could not give a f**k about them tbh
  • as im sure they dont give a f**k about you. still a stupid/funny story.
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