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David Haye v Wladimir Klitshko



  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]Wladimir has looked pretty average (although strong) against below par performers. Not his fault, you can only fight what is in the ring with you
    So different to David's glorious defences.
    [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]At last...still vitali pisses on both of them
    Strange family
  • ukraine custom
  • In the last few years Hayes opposition has been a lot higher standard than either of the brothers'.

    Except Harrison which was a circus fight
  • not in the heavys it aint
  • True, but he hasn't been a heavyweight forever

    He's not ducked anyone but the only credible fights are Adamek, Chagaev at a push, Solis is nowhere near as good as he is given credit for but him, and the ugly brothers.

    No matter who the brothers fight or Haye fights, if its not each other then it is mickey mouse
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