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'm looking for a new sink, can Razil or anyone else recommend one? ;-)


  • Jonathan Greening, west Brom ... ?
  • Roy Race
  • Michael Carrick
  • Other Football and Sports: Who am I?

    Someone with Alzheimers or amnesia?
  • I think Oggy has it!
  • actually maybe it is Kanu - I have no Idea!
  • i cant remember if kanu was apart of the relegated baggies side or the side the fought off relegation even thougfh they were bottom at christmas and i am not sure whether greening picked up a promiership winners madals as he didnt play enough games thoughout the season.
    Good quiz though, got me stuck lol
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  • Kanu

    - Won the EPL with Arsenal
    - FA Cup with Portsmouth and Arsenal
    - UEFA Cup - with Inter
    - European Cup - with Ajax
    - Super Cup also with Ajax
    - Relegated with West Brom, but signed for Pompey in the summer that they went down, ie he did a Hraiddarsson...
  • looks like you cracked it then, well done
  • to be fair 99% of all football quiz questions saying 'Who Am I?' end up being Kanu ;-)
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    What like this one

    Stone behind as usual
  • Blimey Shag, you read every thread on this board!

    Sorry people, took me ages to get that and then had to google it!
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    [cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]Sorry people, took me ages to get that and then had to google it!


  • Nicky Butt?
  • Jackie Chan?
  • "Who Am I for 5 points..."

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  • Stone - you are a plank!
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]"Who Am I for 5 points..."


    Matthew Kelly, where do I collect my 5 points?
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]"Who Am I for 5 points..."


    Noooo,brings back 'what could have been' memories.

    About 1996 i auditioned for this, and was asked if I would be a standby contestant, and go up to manchester at a weeks notice if someone they had chosen dropped out for any reason. I was living in Euston at the time, and drove my girlfriend to Liverpool St station one saturday and got home to hear a message left on our answerphone asking if i was available. By the time i got back to the production company they had already found a replacement. Shouldve made her get the tube !!!
    Did get asked to appear on the fledgling channel 5's quiz show 100%, but had to be at studios in maidstone at 9am one sunday - however my mate had an engagement party do at Up the Creek in greenwich and didnt get home till about 3.30am and woke up about 11oclock, and so missed another chance of television glory.
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    Just not meant to be, Wun Lung.

    Ah so.
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]"Who Am I for 5 points..."

    Henry Kelly :)
  • Open auditions are being held for Mastermind. You need three expert subjects & good general knowledge. Rise & fall of Charlton Athletic could be an obvious subject?
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