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Internet Explorer tabs

How the hell do I turn off these horrible tabs that have come up in my Internet Explorer since I clicked yes for some update or other recently?

Help to do this appreciated!



  • Ah found it .... in Tools /Internet Options /Tabs - Settings / clear the tick box for "enable tabbing"

    I still have another bugbear though - I can't reduce the address window or get rid of the useless search box next to it!
    (useless because I have, and am happy with, the Google toolbar)

    Again any help appreciated ....
  • Whats wrong with you? I have been using tabbed browsing in Firefox and Opera before for years it is so superior to non-tabbed, why have loads of windows open when you can just have one?
  • Cos it looks horrible and wastes screen space!
  • Welcome to 2004.
  • [cite]Posted By: Salad Spinner[/cite]Cos it looks horrible and wastes screen space!

    Also frees up memory so things run smoother. IE6 is a memory hungary biatch.
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