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not cafc related (or football)

after reading the 'morality of prostitution' debate i thought i'd share this.
some policies greenwich council (my employer) have are bewildering to say the least.
we now have a no smoking policy in all council buildings, lorries etc, even doing away with designated smoking rooms.
we advertise proudly that we run 'stop smoking' sessions to all staff that wish to stop, (during works time). this in turn promotes a 'caring employer' working environment and ticks a few boxes in the investing in people forms.
we are constantly reminded about our high levels of sickness and the need to reduce it.
how ironic to find that in our latest pension statement, who have we invested £3.9m in?

british america tobacco!

i am not a disgruntled smoker having a rant, but this is like running a drug rehab centre on the profits from the sales of crack.


  • Ditto...It's the same at Bexley Council. From 1st January, or sometime next year, smoking is to be banned on all Council 'land' and smoke breaks will not be allowed.
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