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My God, just when you thought TV couldn't get any worse - what the fcuk is this all about? Coming straight after the "X Factor" you apparently have now got the chance to "save your favourite animal". Eh?

If I vote for the Polar Bear I'm helping to stop global warming apparently. But on the other hand a vote for the gorilla will solve the problems of deforestation. And then there's the Indian eleephant, the leatherback turtle, the Bengal tiger. I could go on, but the weight of responsibility is just too much.

Absolute and total expoitation of the thick as shit masses. Sad to think how many people will vote and then wonder why the turtle, tiger, etc is still in trouble this time next year. Disgusting. Sir Trevor wants shooting for fronting this cack.

Still, I guess that will teach me to leave the pub and come home early on a Saturday night.


  • LOL Stick football first on mate and get depressed all over again.
  • I'm saving that til Motd mate - usually only watch the second round of Football First (when i'm suitably oiled!)
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