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Mourinho - honest views

Does anyone else think he is BANG out of order what he said about Johnson. I don't actually think he dived at all. Bearing in mind Chelsea have their fair share of divers in Robben, Drogba, Carvalho to name but 3.

I think the FA should charge him,


  • I think you should be able to say what you want.
  • and nobody believed the the little boy who cried wolf either...
  • yeah but we all know full well Mouriuhno would be going nuts if it were sadi about one of his p[layers....................
  • Unfortunately Arf, Johnson has bought that all on himself...
  • In the wake of Sunday's Premiership game against Chelsea at Goodison Park we wish to jointly condemn the post-match comments of Jose Mourinho relating to Andrew Johnson.

    To publicly question the integrity of a player of Andrew's professionalism and honesty is not only wholly unacceptable and quite possibly defamatory but also, in our opinion, highly damaging for both Club and player.

    We would urge the footballing authorities to look closely at Mr Mourinho's comments and then, perhaps, seek a formal explanation.

    Both Everton Football Club and Andrew Johnson have always believed in the virtues of fair play and we would ask Mr Mourinho to immediately retract his allegations.
  • Its a funny one this, i can see all Medders, Arf, NS_eb's and LTGTR's point of views!

    IMO this is a chicken and egg situation (can i use this phrase for this)

    AJ is quality goal scorer, but is a cheating little git. Jose is a great coach, but how he has the front to dig him out i dont know. Something tells me we wont hear the last of this!
  • People in glass houses.....

    That's what this comes down to.
  • I'm desperate to see the world fall apart for that bloke but you just know its not going to happen.... COME ON PORTO!!!!!!!!! and I really want Man U to win the premier....
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