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How do you find somebody on the web/net ?

Dunno if anyone can help with this one:

Want to look up an old friend, I obviously know her name (but not her sir-name) and address she was at 15 years ago.
But, thats it. Any ideas ?


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    I would try Friends Reunited first off. >>>> (free to register and use now)

    If not have a go at Facebook or Bebo?

    Good luck.
  • MOG you need 3 things to trace someone:
    full name
    approximate location

    Without the surname it will be hard but you could go to the library and look at the old address on the voting register to see who is living there.
    Good luck!
  • We managed to trace an old lady who had been in her late teens throughout the second world war. We knew her road back then but not her exact address.
    If you are prepared to put in the hours, go to your local 'main' library and there's often someone who is only too happy to help you.
    The lady had lived on Bromley so we went to the library there and after only a few hours research over two weekends we knew all about her, her sister, her husband and her children. Within 2 weeks we were talking to her and able to give her back something that had belonged to her many years before.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks, Library it is then.
  • Alternatively go to the local council office which her old address came under and ask for the electoral register for the couple of years for when you knew she lived there. Search for the address and you will find her full name. The registers are usually in name order but some are in address order. It will be time consuming but once you have her full name you have the platform to start searching for her. Once you have come across the name carry on looking in forward years until her name disappears that way you will know the year she moved on which will be of help in your next phase of searching.

    There are various ways you can set about the next phase of searching but you need to get the surname first.
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