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how to stop pop ups

bought my eldest a laptop and she has untold pop-ups help please


  • pop up blocker
  • steve, I had that with pop up blocker on.

    search on google for stopzilla, download the free version and enable it. worked fine for me
  • I dealt with this by perchasing a mac. simples!! No help to you Steve but hey ho lol
  • Be a bit more vague?


    Seriously though - pop-ups should be blocked by Internet Explorer and Firefox nowadays. Its possible that your eldest has disabled her pop-up blocker, check that first. Pound to a penny though you're dealing with spyware rather than 'real' pop-up ads. Do any of them say 'your computer is infected' or something similar? Most infections nowadays are of the rogue anti-spyware variety - designed to con you into paying for a piece of software that won't do anything other than infect you worse.

    Download MalwareBytes free version from that link, run it and let it fix whatever it finds. That's the easiest place to start.
  • If you download the latest firefox browser and go to add ons in the tools you can add things like pop up blocker and tracking cookie blocker. I've been using Popup blocker in conjunction with AVG internet security for three years now. Never see a pop up these days.
  • Other useful firefox extensions are noscript and adblocker.
  • Actually, I've just had a look at me add ons and the anti-pop up blocker on firefox is Adblocker.
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