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Angel, Islington

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Morning campers.

I have to go to the above mentioned place to sign mortgage stuff at my solicitors.

Anyone work there?


  • I used to, a few years back. Where you got to go?
  • I used to work down the road from there back in the day. Funny old area.
  • opposite the angel tube station, the road called white lion st! Know it?

    I hate goin up town, i am rubbish at trains and tubes! I do think it looks quite easy, change at Lon bridge for the northern line!

    Wish me luck dude!
  • Yup, outside the station, if you face Burger King it's a turning to the left of that (think there's an HSBC bank on the corner) - one-way street where buses emerge from every few seconds.
  • and what do you mean, you hate going up town? There's bright lights, dancing girls, and all kinds of exciting things!
  • Yeah, I know it. It's a peice of p*ss getting there outside of rush hour. Out of Angel station, corss over the big crossing just in front of you, walk back on yourself a little bit and it's the turning on on your right.

    There are some decent boozers in and around that manor - though can't think of any in that immediate vicinity.

    I used to work in the big sandy coloured building above the station. Good luck fella - may the force be with you!
  • Why not use a local solicitor?!!!
  • I'll buy it off you. I've already got Pentonville and Euston Roads.
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    thanks for the supports chaps.

    I hate town cos i aint that good on trains! They confuse the fook ouuta my poor tiny brain! Some charlton fan i am eh!

    Its next to the hsbc inspector, so nice and easy!

    Last time i used a local one it took an age to get done. This is less than 2 months start to finish! I only viewed the flat in late oct! But next time i wont use them, as i aint excited re going on tube!

    Might go look at some of the pubs then off it! Got charlton tonight so i could be well oiled at kick orf time!!

    Very droll addickted
  • Tenner says he's stumbling around still trying to find the gaff as I type.
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  • my bet is that he got on the Northern line ok but is now stumbling around Morden.
  • Having already been to High Barnet and stumbled around there for half an hour or so!
  • There are some decent boozers in and around that manor - though can't think of any in that immediate vicinity.

    Duke of York next to the tube station...Camden Arms just down the rosd, mostly wine bar territory plus the usual Wetherspoons, All bar One etc.
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