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Tony Kempster RIP

Some of you may be aware of him as the guy that compiles basically the greatest compilation of football stats in the UK, sadly died of cancer.


  • I am regular visitor to this site and I knew that his death was imminent. Indeed, I was going to post on here if no one else did. His website was truly the oracle of all football statistics - particularly, for those interested in non-League football. There are plans for a group of enthusiasts to keep up his fine work. It is easy to refer to something as outstanding, but his website was exceptional.

    Tony Kempster RIP
  • Sad news - he had one of the few websites that was both unique and indispensable. I hope his regulars can carry on his work.

    a direct link to the news
  • I will think of TK every time I turn on my computer, because his site was always my first visit of the day. Vey sad news and a great loss to the football fraternity.
  • Regret to say I'd never heard of him but what fantastic work.

  • I love his website, Tony Kempster's site represents good things about football, and he will be very sorely missed, not simply by non-league folk but by us all. RIP Tony and thank you.
  • Always made a point of listening to the non league show and Tony Kempster will be sorely missed.
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    I wrote about him recently on my blog. Tony's site was an unbelievable resource and I used to trawl through it regularly for hours. I too hope others can continue his magnificent legacy.

    RIP Tony.
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    By the way he ran a blog which documented his failing health. As one would expect he wrote bravely and honestly.
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