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Centre Forwards



  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Swisdom[/cite]Tuna has barely appeared so I find it staggering to write him off already

    Basey is big, strong and has a sweet left foot (best delivery bar Shelvey)

    lets hope they dont read this board!! Is it any fucking wonder the players don't bleed for the club when "fans" want to rip them to shreds all the time

    Jesus - lay off the kids!![/quote]

    Fair play Swisdom. I think i had a bad 5 minutes.

    I don't neccesarily agree with your comments about Basey. He needs to be more consistent but i'm sure he knows that. As for Tuna, it's fair to say he's got promise and i really hope he comes good.

    I think i took my anger out on the players rather than Dazzler! My apologies to Tamer & Grant.
  • With all the over paid prima donnas we have had in our team over the recent years I can't beleive people are out there slagging off 2 of our kids. Tuna has barely played (half a game ain't it?) and people are writing him off - astounding. As for Basey, he may have played more but still must be less than 50 games, great left foot just a bit slow which is not talent just bad luck really.

    It's amazing that as fans we demand loyalty from our great yound kids (like Shelvey, but before him Defoe, JLoyd Samuel etc) and when they leave give them abuse, but for the ones that don't look like they are going to make it people start banging on about how talentless they are after 2 games, jeez!
  • We need to remember basey is still only 19 or 20 so is going to be inconsistent

    I'm just glad we have some youngsters available to us
  • Gray to Lyon???????

    I find that one hard to believe! Straight swap for Benzema would be good though
  • edited June 2009
    Lyons - cake factory team near Barnsley, swapped him for a Battenburg and two boxes of French Fancies
  • [cite]Posted By: Swisdom[/cite]I find that one hard to believe! Straight swap for Benzema would be good though
    Benzema doesn't care about Charlton.
  • From our current pool of strikers, do we have a partnership that would work as well as say, for example, mackail-smith/mclean did for peterboro last season? For me, it would have to be gray with someone, but I can't see who else from this lot. Maybe we should go one up front............:-)
  • I thought this thread was about Strikers, since when has Basey become a striker.

    [cite]Posted By: Imnot Athletic[/cite]Lyons - cake factory team near Barnsley, swapped him for a Battenburg and two boxes of French Fancies

    Aaggghhhh good then we have 2 boxes of replacements for Ambrose.

    With the family problems Gray has I would be surprised to see him going abroad to Lyon.

    There is no reason why we can't offload 1 or 2 strikers and get a commanding aerial striker in as replacement that the remaining strikers can play off.
  • Bolderhumphreyreid ...... well retracted mate, at least you had the bottle to reflect on what you posted.

    I am biased I used to train Tamer before he went to Charlton all those years ago. I really hope that he makes it, all I say is that give him a chance, not 10 minutes or so......

    Hope they play him pre-season alongside or tucked in behind the centre forward. It is a big ask to expect young players to fill the roles that some of our so called seasonal professionals struggled so badly to do so last season, I hope that Andy Grey get's it together the bloke deserves a break, and although he is not my favourite player I am prepared to give him a few games to get his game together before I start writing him or come to that others off. If players want to stay , and are prepared to fight, not go missing, and go through the motions is what I think we all want to see. Shelvey to me, was one of the few positives of last season, so youngsters can do it, but we have to give them a chance. Personally speaking I could not give a toss if his hair was pink as long as he bangs the goals in and supports his team mates......
  • Well said Ken. Gray is our best striker and should do well in 3rd tier. I can't see him getting transferred for the reasons palarse said "no." I do cringe when I think of how much he cost. (and pardew is looking for another job!)
    Burton will probably play alongside him. Might work, might not. At least they are both skllful.
    Mcleod is another one of these speedy players who can't fit into a team. Jeeze..what was Pardew thinking of!
    Dickson has speed and can shoot but has no nous. We lose the ball when he plays. Mind you, Killer was not great at holding the ball up but he scored so many goals we forgave him for his dodgy play outside the box!

    Not seen fleetwood and Tuna is a kid, a longshot at the mo.
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