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Discussion Error

edited July 2009 in Troubleshooting
If I'm looking at a thread and then log-in, I'm given an error saying that's the discussion cannot be found. Have to go back to the main board and re-enter it.



  • I've had that for a while now too.
  • I've added the sign-in fields to the bottom of each discussion for users who aren't logged in. That works now. It's a round about way of getting past the issue you're having, which I'll continue to look into.
  • Yeah, but what about the badges? ;-)
  • Thanks, don't always remember to sign in before reading posts was getting a bit annoying.
  • [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]Yeah, but what about the badges? ;-)

    They're be ready for Thursday.............

    (which Thursday, no-one knows..........)
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