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Jermaine Pennant signs for Real

Real Zaragozza :-)


  • I wonder if his drinking mate Jerome Thomas will join him
  • Real Salt Lake more his mark.
  • Personally cannot stand the guy....

    Someone who I understand comes from a disadvantaged background, who has had quite a few breaks and help himself.

    You would like to think he would like to be a role model for young kids, something to aspire to.

    Pro footballers have a priveledged position, most give something back to the community be it time, money or support.
    I understand there other drinking buddie one Defoe, 'flounced' out from a London club last week because he had to wait.....
    what's the matter guy's , embarrased in front of the tarts!
  • Will his 'ankle bracelet' work from there? ;-)
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