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Sheringham signs

for Beckenham Town.
Teddys gonna play for them in F A Vase matches..


  • This is the same Beckenham Town who announced that Nathan Paul, a Maidstone Utd player had signed for them even though neither player or Maidstone were aware of it! Then, they posted a picture of him playing a warm up game which turned out to be a photo of him doing extra pre-season training with a few of his old mates (he was a Becks player before joining Maidstone).
    Don't believe it until it happens, even then, dont trust them!!!!!!!
  • teddy or charlie? charlie was let go from the wings wasnt he? thought he had the talent to make it as a league player.. shame how carrers can go down hill so quick.
  • Whats being said, I think, is that he'll do it as a favour to their Chairman,as it would put acouple of hundred on the gate.
    Apparently its "only" for the Vase matches......
  • edited July 2009
    charlie has signed for someone else rejecting welling and it is a team in the same league thou as welling and teddy signed for beckenham
  • charlie signed for bishops stortford last month
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