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Songs for the Moon Landings

To mark the 40th anniversary of the first moon landings.

The Space Race is Over - Billy Bragg

Man on the Moon - REM

Fly me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

Rocket Man - Elton John


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    Space Oddity-David Bowie

    Moon River - Andy Williams

    Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Walking on the.............Police
  • Blue Moon - Rodgers & Hart
    Moondance - Van the Man
    Moon over Bourbon Street - Sting
    Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
    Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
  • Dancing in the Moonlght ...Thin Lizzy
  • Atmosphere..........Russ Abbott
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite]
    Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd[/quote]

    Useless fact of the day: The BBC's sountrack for the moon landing consisted of Pink Floyd jamming live in the studio. Though obviously not DSOTM.
  • Anything by Moonjam
  • Picnic on the Moon - Bel Canto
    Moonage Daydream - Bowie
    By The Light Of The Silver Moon - Gene Vincent
    Man on the Moon - Grinderman
    White Moon - White Stripes
    Supersonic Rocket Ship - The Kinks
    Space Junk - Devo
    The Black Hit of Space - Human League
    Anything from the b52s album Nude on the Moon

    And if the Ruskies had got there first: Sickle Moon - Xmal Deutschland
  • The whole of the moon; The Waterboys.
  • Dancing in the moonlight - Tihn Lizzy
    Dancing in the moonlight - toploader
    C Moon - Wings
    Bark at the moon - Ozzy Osbourne
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  • Too much talksport Henry!

    Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
  • The band Kangaroo Moon
  • Whitey On The Moon - Gil Scott - Heron
  • space cowboy - jamiroquai

    the whole of the moon - the waterboys
  • Space Oddity - Bowie
    Rocket - Def Leppard
  • Moonlight Sonata

    Au clair de la Lune
  • total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler

    spaceman - babylon zoo

    blue moon - the marcels
  • Dancing In The Moonlight (All Alone) - Bebop Deluxe
    Urban Space Man - Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band
    Man On The Moon - REM
    Brain Damage (From Dark Side of The Moon) - Pink Floyd
    Moon River - Henry Mancini
    Moondance - Van Morrison
    Harvest Moon - Neil Young
    Under the moon of love - Showaddywaddy
    Dancing in the moonlight - King Harvest
    Whole of the moon - The Waterboys
    Bad moon rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Blue moon of Kentucky - Elvis Presley
    Everybody's gone to the moon - Johnothon King
    Shepherd moon - Enya / Eric Clapton
    By the light of the silvery moon - Ray Noble
    Ticket to the moon - ELO
    Bad side of the moon - Elton John
    Heading for the moon - Cindi Laupher
    There's a moon in the sky - The B52's
    Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
    Dance with the moonlight - Genesis
    Destination Moon - TMBG
    Midnight Moonlight - Grateful Dead
    Moon at the window - Joni Mitchell
    Mr Moonlight - Beatles
    Sister Moon - Sting
    Sisters of the moon - Stevie Nicks
    The same moon - Phil Collins
    Walking on the moon - The Police
    Yellow Moon - Grateful Dead
  • Saturn 5 - Inspiral Carpets
    Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield

    Moony, Moony, Moony - ABBA?
  • Mr Spaceman - The Byrds

    Silver Machine - Hawkwind

    Space Invaders - The Pirahnas

    Pink Moon - Nick Drake

    Once in a very blue moon - Nanci Griffiths
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  • Skinhead Moonstomp - Can't remember who
  • Star Man - David Bowie
  • Just an illusion - Imagination
  • calling occupants of interplanetary craft - the carpenters
  • I lost my heart to starship trooper - Someone naff
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Skinhead Moonstomp - Can't remember who

  • [cite]Posted By: Algarveaddick[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Skinhead Moonstomp - Can't remember who


    That was them.
  • star trekking across the universe
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