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Internet Football Association Team of the Year

All, just a heads up to let you know that the Ipswich lads we played a few months ago have nominated us as their IFA team of the year for the sportsmanship and hospitality we showed to them. I think it's fair to say that we won't win the award, but it's nice to know that people enjoy playing us (and not only cos they beat us!)...

I'm not sure we'll nominate - mainly because I haven't been on the IFA message board for months...I'll pop over and take a look... Assuming we can who would we vote for? Ipswich, Burnley or PNE?

All been a bit quiet whilst real life has taken over, but I hope to get some more games going again soon.

Cheers all


  • I'm sure it was because we allowed Gumbo and Dazzler to play for them. ;o)

    That was the game when the Ipswich centre back had his head banged and the ambulance came to the pitch, right?

    Good to know we made a good impression, CC.
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    I thought the PNE boys were really top sports. Always look out for there results now, plus i loved the matching trackies, proper Northerners lol

    Although edit to say that one of the Ipswich boys (the northern one) made a point of telling me my beard was awesome!! So a close second for Ippo!
  • tactical voting......
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