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Something to Celebrate?

edited July 2009 in Rumours
Is this a hint?


  • Thats what i thought when i first saw it mate ...nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking ey lookout!
  • That Ad does make me laugh, we were aiming for promotion last season & we all know how that turned out :-)
  • Nah, it's been like that since the start of the week at least.
  • Nah...We're doomed Capt Mainwaring
  • Wow we only play 23 games and we are expected to be promoted - You are having a Giraffe.
  • I got the printed version of that a few weeks back - our first match in the third tier for nearly three decades seemed an odd way to "celebrate" my birthday...
  • LOL. If that's been there all week, shows how much I've looked at the OS.
  • 23 GAMES
    1 GOAL
    £1.1m McLEOD
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