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The Charlton Life Movie.

So Colin the Zombie was made for £45. Between the lot of us we could come up with a bigger budget. (Only just though!) So it got me thinking, what movie would it be and what would your role be? Also suggest a role for other Lifers. I'll make a definitive list at the weekend.

Get your thinking caps on, I know that'll be hard for some of you, no names mentioned...........


  • Shelley's Frankenstein.

    I know just the person to play the monster :-)
  • I am not being a studio runner...
  • I'm sure you could actually do a really decent movie based on the life of a Charlton fan and goign to the games etc.

    It would be a dark depressing film though!!
  • This is just a blatant attempt to meddle with me on the casting couch
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    I think it would be rather like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's timeless 1967 classic Bedazzled, where the devil (Peter Cook) grants the hapless Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) 7 wishes to try and achieve his goal of being with his beloved Margaret Spencer (Eleanor Bron) and every wish has a loophole that the devil exploits so that Stanley is left high and dry!
  • The Meaning of (Charlton) Life.

    *'Every spam is sacred'*
  • It's a mad mad mad mad world. (young people think of the wacky races with real actors)

    Various groups of Lifers race across south east London and Kent in search of the new owner who has gone mysteriously missing.

    The first group to find him and get him to sign a contract buying the club get a sticky for ever on Charlton Life saying "WE TOLD YOU SO" in very big letters.

    Suzi, Little Sis, Curb-it and StillAddicted are in a Pink open top sports car

    Addickted, Henry and Imissthepeanutman are in a WWI tank.
  • Making It - A Charlton Life Production

    Me and Stefco and other musicains busk are way through london and go through a series of targets to get noticed and on the stage, we then face relationships etc with women and groupies and try to beat the habit of drugs and achohol to save our carrer etc etc
  • Its gonna be a horror flick isn't it ?

    Actors are rubbish, the producer was terrible and had to be fired, budget was running out so we had to replace him with the fluffer. Now we can't even afford to get rid of the fluffer.
  • loool im actualy alrite at acting, and ill do the type of part of the character ie shaun of the dead :) im sure i can pull something special off ;)
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  • [cite]Posted By: cafc-4-life[/cite]
    i can pull something special off ;)

    It won't be that type of film thank you very much !
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    haha you sir are rude! haha I mean in my acting skills! I will make this film a great ;)
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]Its gonna be a horror flick isn't it ?

    the entire film set entirely on a lifers coach journey to/from a game. Motorways closed. Poor lighting on a cheap coach with the driver and his wife taking out the lifers one by one with the only light coming from people's mobile phones.
  • The Meaning Of Life - Monty Python

    Who wants to be the fat guy at the end?

    And I know a few people up for the army parade ground routine.
  • " A Waffer thin mint..."

  • we should do either a shakespeare adaptation centered aroud SE7, Two gentlemen fom the Valley or Curb's labours lost or The Tempest (at full time)


    A 24 style takeover epic "The following takeover action took place in the boardroom between 1300 and 1400"
  • A rom-com staring Henry and Nick Grey?
  • [cite]Posted By: Bournemouth Addick[/cite]A rom-com staring Henry and Nick Grey?

    A Cardigan affair
  • "No dear, I can't open the door to the Vicar, I'm wearing your knickers"
  • CharltonLife of Brian...............

    RM to the FF

    "There's no messiah here, now f**k off"
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  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: cafc-4-life[/cite]
    i can pull something special off ;)

    It won't be that type of film thank you very much !

    You was the one talking about fluffers!!!
  • Could do a real life story - "Going down on the Bismarck..." starring Stu of HU16...
  • So, so mean!
  • [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]Could do a real life story - "Going down on the Bismarck..." starring Stu of HU16...

    Stop that, stop that! We don't need any of that filthy talk either ........

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