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So I had a call today from a Dover mate about going to the friendly next week when the following appeared on The Dover Site

Only hours after contacting Whites to see if we could accommodate them in our pre-season schedule, Charlton have informed us that 'due to internal issues' they no longer wish to honour the fixture.

Nothing on the OS. Seems it was arranged at short notice then cancelled at equally short notice.

What 'Internal issues' ?


  • hmmm takeover.
  • Do you know when this fixture was due to be played and whether it was a first team fixture ?
  • It's a lovely ground for those who haven't been there. It could have been a reserve run out i suppose.
  • Sorry just done and found that it was due to be played on Tuesday 4th August and it was a 1st team fixture. Could this be the date of a takeover announcement and they want all staff on hand and not in Dover ?
  • Maybe we shouldn't read too much into this, but either the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing or something genuinely came up. To the best of my knowledge this all happened today. Maybe we saw that Dover beat Tilbury 8-0 in their previous friendly............

    Agree with Mart - last years fixture was good with an open air bar and burger stall in the ground.
  • cray wanderers playing them 2 morrow after they drop in and pick up there t-shirts,polo's and kit bags.
  • Hessethaler our new manager! :-)
  • Everyone's on standby to go to the supporters trust meet at the Con Club.
  • Bit strange it was never mentioned, sounds like it was arranged quite late on though.
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