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Technical Questions

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Hi all. I've now managed to drag myself up this morning (we're 4 hrs behind GMT here adn I had another late night!) and it is a pleasant surprise to see new yet familiar faces, so to speak. We appreciate you giving this thing a chance.

Someone asked about hiding their real name. Go to Account, then Personal Information, then check the box which says something to the effect of Hide real name from users. It's worth looking through those options in case there's info there you'd like to change, hide or whatever.

This is new to all of us really, but we're only trying to get the best chance for good discussion (that's no reflection on other boards by the way, we just want to do something different). So give it a chance and if there is anything you'd like to see, or prefer to have on board, just ask and we'll do our best. It may not always be possible, but we'll try to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. The board is highly customisable, so if you don't see it, or like what you see, just let us know.



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